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Hudson On Bass has been a professional artist and gifted musician since 2000, hailing originally from Washington, DC, this creative mastermind is in fact, a triple threat as a bassist, producer, and published author. Coupled with an addictive personality, dazzling smile and beguiling charm, Hudson has won droves of fans worldwide.


Arriving in Atlanta in January 2002, Hudson was well received by the music community almost immediately. Shortly after his arrival, he formed the Hudson on Bass Band, and has never looked back. He has been in high demand ever since. Among his many laurels, Hudson was the featured bassist in the Warner Brothers movie “THE PREACHER’S KID.”


In addition, Hudson has performed with a myriad of musical artists, including: Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Grover Washington, Jr., Teena Marie, Lauryn Hill, Russell Gunn and NBA legend Terry Cummings.

Hudson then put on his literary cap and in May, 2012, released his first in a series of books entitled “WHY PLAY”. They are designed to inspire children and adults to learn and play musical instruments.


With but a moment to take a breath, his next CD, “BASSED ON A TRUE STORY”, will be released in February 2013. This piggy-backs on his previously released, “BASSICALLY YOURS” CD.


Hudson On Bass, a gifted artist and creative dynamo!!!!!!!!!!

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